Prima Power

Prima With Extra Power

Audison Prima AP F8.9 bit Forza is every bit the performer of its original parent. However, Audison went to town in its development in order to satisfy a demand for more power. While they were at it, Audison also had a revisit of other aspects of the amplifier to see where else it could be […]

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Car Audio Upgrade Reviews

Going online and selecting products you have never heard of in search of great sound can be a little treacherous. We understand that there is a general suspicion of impartiality that can come with visiting your local installer. The answer may lie in third party reviews of car audio upgrades, accompanied by candied interview’s with […]

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Hertz Car Audio

The Hertz Audio Visual brand was launched in 1998 by Italian car audio guru’s Elettromedia. It was instigated to give voice to its sister brand, Audison. Audison began a world-beating journey in car amplifier development in 1979. Elettromedia felt a little disillusioned that Audison amplifier performance was occasionally being let down by competitor speaker brands […]

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