Prima Power

Prima With Extra Power

Audison Prima AP F8.9 bit Forza is every bit the performer of its original parent. However, Audison went to town in its development in order to satisfy a demand for more power. While they were at it, Audison also had a revisit of other aspects of the amplifier to see where else it could be improved. Fundamentally, those who were asking for more, didn’t want the footprint of the amplifier to change. Thankfully, the people at Audison love a challenge!

BMW Mini OEM Head Unit
Typical Modern OEM Head Unit

Apart from providing more power, the Forza development project was looking to further aid installers in offering integration with existing OEM products fitted in vehicles as standard. The new breed of car audio purchaser is not necessarily interested in seeing anything added to their vehicle. Instead, adding amplifiers, speakers, sound processors and subwoofers has to be achieved seamlessly. No original functionality or aesthetic can be affected in any way!

In car electronics has evolved to a point where a vehicle “knows” if it has been tampered with. On-board checks on power up confirm that speakers are connected. If they are not, the system will simply shut down! This led to the incorporation of Audison’s Universal Speaker Simulator (USS). This clever function presents a load to the on-board electronics similar to that presented by the original speaker therefore circumventing this problem. The circuit already existed as an optional extra for use with other Prima amplifiers but comes installed inside the AP F8.9 bit.

Cables Provided With Audison Prima AP F8.9 bit

Talking of OEM integration, the AP F 8.9 bit comes supplied with a range of preformed cables to once again make integration easier for your installer and therefore more cost efficient for you!

Apart from integration, the Forza amplifier builds on the reputation of the original 8.9bit. It features eight amplified channels with an array of configuration opportunities to enable a system to be built around it. This ensures the very best distribution from a single box. However, the eight channels in the Forza rate at 85 Watts RMS each.

Software Interface For On board DSP
bit DSP Software Interface

In line with all other bit products, the amplifier is married with nine highly versatile Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Nine? Well yes, the ninth channel outputs at line level so can be used to drive a mono block amplifier or powered subwoofer. Meanwhile all of the programming and configuration facilities are kept in one place.

Programming a bit product can be done automatically with a piece of powerful test and measurement equipment manufactured by Audison for installers. The number of parameters that can be adjusted and switched are truly mind-boggling to the layman however, Audison has added seven preset set ups which cover a multitude of common vehicles. These are selected by your installer via a selector switch on the amplifier.

Reading this back, we are somewhat disappointed at the lack of physical difference we have managed to explain in this blog. In our defence, most of it would require a degree in electronics ( which none of us has), as the really clever stuff takes place inside the case. We will leave that for the clever to find out. We can however attest to the listening pleasure this miracle amplifier can provide especially when installed by an expert and matched with suitable speakers – Try your local FOUR MASTER for instance!