Car Audio Upgrade Reviews

Going online and selecting products you have never heard of in search of great sound can be a little treacherous. We understand that there is a general suspicion of impartiality that can come with visiting your local installer. The answer may lie in third party reviews of car audio upgrades, accompanied by candied interview’s with the owners. Furthermore, a little insight into what drives our customers into upgrading can offer even more assurance that you are doing the right thing.

Fortunately, Driving Sounds Magazine is there to help with that. They visit our customers and spend time photographing, interviewing and most importantly, Listening to the cars that they feature using a mixture of music the owner likes to listen to and also their own reference tracks.

Over some years, Driving Sounds has built up a large portfolio of such reviews. All of these sit on the Driving Sounds Magazine website and much of this content is now available for free download.

One of the features we like most is the Top Five Driving Sounds feature. At the end of each piece they list out five songs that the owner enjoys listening to on their upgraded systems. Many of these tracks would not have been considered before the owners had access to high quality sound reproduction. Many owners state that their musical horizons have been massively broadened by the experience of great sound in their cars.

Our FOUR MASTER network of specialist installers is famous for non-aggressive information giving but now you can check your own expectations against those of real people who have already taken the plunge.

Head over to Driving Sounds and have a browse and a read. It could help you to make your own mind up about your requirements.