Car Audio Legend

Car audio innovators Hertz, may well have jumped the gun by foisting legendary status on the Mille Legend range on launch day. At the time, we raised our eyebrows, even though we know not to underestimate the Italian stars of car audio.

Our facial muscles relaxed somewhat as we explored the specifications and discovered the innovations within the products. These are many and varied. The margins are tight when attempting to design new speakers and true R&D is expensive to the point that many companies don’t bother. Instead they simply buy off-the-shelf technologies and throw them at an old model and call it a new innovation!

In order to fully appreciate the Mille Legend’s proclaimed status it is necessary for us to look at where car audio Gods, Hertz have put there efforts.

Starting a the top, the ML 280.3 tweeter sports a tetelon dome – This secret formula provides a soft yet rigid cone material that is not new, having been used in all Hertz products for some time. However, behind this you will see an innovative damping material. This along with an equally damped, large chamber at the base of the assembly ensures that very little if any energy from the rear of the cone is reflected back causing distortion. A secondary purpose is to lower the resonant frequency of the entire assembly. This in turn allows the tweeter to accurately reproduce frequencies down to 1.8 kHz offering a smoother more open sound at the high end of the audio frequency.

Dispersion is everything in a car. As stereo image is one of the key features of audio reproduction. The cone must radiate in as wide a pattern as possible so that everyone can enjoy accurate detail and positional information. This is so often compromised by restrictive standard mounting positions. Further compromise is often further compounded by poorly designed grilles. The ML 280.3 faceplate offers physical protection to the cone while having minimal impact on the dispersion of high frequencies. This is achieved by using a resonance-free aluminium diecast face plate moulding which has been engineered as a result of Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

All Mille Legend drivers feature neodymium magnets. These help to ensure a maximum flux density with extreme thermal stability. A specially designed aluminium shorting ring sits in the air gap to further improve precision of movement by ensuring a stable flux pattern. A happy consequence of this is a high energy, super fast motor with no sign of dynamic compression.

The classic V-cone shape has been around for a long time. The geometry of the cone is designed for maximum dispersion and minimum physical distortion under high pressure levels. As Hertz products tend to be aimed at those who enjoy higher playing levels and more explosive musical genres, the surround has received a good deal of attention. The boundary free design of the Mille Legend speakers allows free cone movement with the generous surround effectively increasing cone area. Deeper bass and extraordinarily stable and linear output is the result of this innovation.

All woofers and subwoofers in the range feature a basket made of a specially selected alloy. The material used is chosen for its rigidity but also is antiresonance. This leads to a transparent and “colourless” performance even at very high levels. The spider sits over a number of venting holes that expel heat extremely efficiently. This is vital in order to avoid compression and distortion.

We have auditioned many vehicles installed with Mille Legends and are happy to declare them “legend” in their own right!

Why not visit your local FOUR MASTER and ask for a demonstration – You will not be disappointed!

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