Bass Restoration

Reproducing bass frequencies in your car is not easy. This is especially true when car manufacturers introduce dynamic equalisation curves that actually suppress bass to preserve their cheap and nasty speakers.

Over many years American audio innovator, AudioControl, has developed a technology that does a great job in restoring bass content and regenerating those frequencies that auto manufacturers remove.

Simply turning up the equalisation in the lower frequency range is not the elegant solution. Unfortunately, this will not so much as restore bass as cause all instruments around the bass line to become unbalanced and even drive them into distortion. This could result in a cacophonous mess! Bass restoration is far more sophisticated than that and AudioControl’s AccuBASS represents the state of the art!

AccuBASS does not rely on simply boosting missing frequencies but actually recreates them. This is achieved by real time analysis of the bass frequencies and spotting harmonics at certain frequencies that are in sync. These analysed harmonics are then used to produce fundamental frequencies that have been removed. Restoring bass this way gives the bass line a much more solid and stable feel as well as preserving instrument separation. This approach means that installers can further balance the system’s sound without creating dodgy phase issues as well as risking swamping other instruments.

This should only be done in conjunction with the installation of a subwoofer of course. Fortunately, FOUR MASTERs have many great solutions in stock. This is very good news for those suffering from a lack of bass who are not quite ready to upgrade all speakers and add amplifiers to their car.

As always, we suggest you contact your local FOUR MASTER to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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