Focussed Car Audio

Dispersion is everything in a car in order to achieve focussed car audio! Despite claiming to work with some very fancy home hi-fi brands, motor manufacturers still insist on fitting speakers in sonically compromising positions. The speakers in most cars tend to fire straight at a drivers knees. If you are lucky, you may find a pair of tweeters mounted higher up but firing across the dashboard or straight against the windscreen. Although there are plenty of great installers capable of constructing pods to enable speakers to fire towards a listener’s ears, this can be a costly solution for those beginning their car audio journey.

In cars with no tweeter position and for those looking to maximise a small budget then coaxial speakers are the only choice. Here the tweeter is mounted in the centre of the woofer cone. This is a very good idea. However, in a car something needs to be done to get the very directional high frequencies out of the footwell and to the listener’s ears. Audison is a company that specialises in creating car speakers with very wide dispersion. This means that cars that generally do not have a stereo image can suddenly be given one!

Sound, like light, can be focussed and guided in a specific direction. Naturally, sound emanates from a point source and spreads out in all directions. Low frequencies are less directional than high frequencies are. Fortunately, higher frequencies are easier to guide with the use of an acoustic lens. In car audio applications, these often take the form of a shield that sits in front of the very centre of the tweeter element. This disperses the sound or forces it out in a wide pattern. In some circumstances, the lens may have a tuned “hole” in it designed to compensate for known common car audio phenomena such as “cabin gain”. This happens as a result of high frequencies reflecting from many shiny surfaces and effectively adding to each other at certain specific frequencies.

The Audison Prima APX 6.5 set of coaxial speakers benefit hugely from this technology. Typically, they will create a stereo image and raise it high in the car. This will make a huge difference to listening pleasure. A stereo image in a car is a wonderful thing and with it comes additional instrument separation and of course clarity. Other technologies in this special pair of coaxial help with low-end response and power handling making this seemingly budget pair an excellent basis for an amplified system!

Why not visit your local FOUR MASTER and find out how they can help you to transform your vehicle to a more homely place to listen!

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