Worthing’s Specialist Car Audio Dealer

Worthing’s Specialist Car Audio Dealer. A beautiful, warm and sunny day greets you on the beginning of a long weekend. This is one of those days that makes it nearly impossible to stay indoors. So what do you do? Jump in to your car, and get on the road! you notice the car next to you has their music cranked; drowning out all the noise around you. You can’t help but notice how clear, crisp, and beautiful sounding their car audio system is. It makes you wonder: How do I get that great sounding system? Look no further than your your Four Master’s Highdown Car Audio & Security; your specialist mobile car audio dealer in Worthing.
rainbow Logo Many car audio shops do their absolute best to squeeze every penny out of your wallet by taking short cuts, and by using cheap and inferior components. We here at your Four Master’s located in Worthing, believe that to have the best car audio system, you have to have to have the best equipment; doing so without being to expensive. Having the best equipment means providing that absolute best brands; brands like Rainbow, Audio Control, Audison, and more.
 So where do you start when building a great car audio system? Well, one of the most important components to an awesome sounding stereo is the speaker system. The speakers are the components that physically deliver the sound to your ears; and can make or break a system. Rainbow Audio delivers some of the best speakers on the market today. Highdown Car Audio & Security markets several lines of speakers from, entry level to professional sounding; they offer a speaker setup for your particular budget. Not only do they supply speakers, but also high quality amplifiers, subwoofers, and subwoofer enclosures.
 Now that we’ve got your speakers, subwoofer(s), and amplifier covered, its time to fine tune your audio. Audio Control manufactures audio processors and equalizers; helping create the crisp sound any music enthusiast can appreciate. Audio processors and equalizers provide manual and/or digital adjustments for the user to tune sound to their preferences. These Audio Control processors assist us at Four Master’s in giving you a AudioControl LC2i HiResquality, professional sound.
 Four Master’s Highdown Car Audio & Security is here to assist you with all of your mobile audio needs. We offer free consultations, free safety checks, and a lifetime warranty on our labour. With numerous competition championships and trophies, we are YOUR mobile car audio specialists.
For more information on Highdown Car Audio & Security in Worthing, and Four Masters call 0800 652 5125