Thesis – The Ultimate Car Speakers

Performance without compromise, is a much promised dream amongst producers of car audio products. In the home, it is not unusual to come across folk spending £20K + on a pair of speakers. When it comes to car speakers, expectations tend to be somewhat crimped.

In any case, what would a pair of speakers designed without compromise look and sound like? The likelihood is that they wouldn’t work within the physical constraints offered by a car anyway. In a vehicle, compromise is delivered by the actual listening environment and so we need to look for other phrases when describing the perfect car speakers.

Audison’s goal was instead to deliver “transparency”. This means, speakers that do not colour or affect reproduction in any way at all. I guess you could describe their aim as delivering speakers you can’t hear! Anyone who has listened to musical instruments being expertly played in a perfect space lives with an expectation. These same people are so often let down by equipment and recordings and all of the other elements that make precision reproduction the huge challenge that it is.

The team at Audison are so obsessed with delivering perfection that they found many off-the-shelf tools lacking. Therefore, they designed their own modelling software. This enables them to take their ideas through to the listening stage before a lathe turns or a material is even purchased! Unexpected things can happen once the reality of a design is made physical but the depth of knowledge that has gone into their Fine Element Modelling system helps to keep discrepancies to an absolute minimum.

Mid Range and Woofer Exploded Diagrams

Each of the three speakers (Tweeter, Mid-range and Woofer) has been designed from scratch. The multiple components designed with a flawless whole a clear goal. Not a stone was left unturned. For instance 11 dome shapes were individually tested with three different silk materials before settling on the final dome shape and material. The tweeter alone consists of 13 individual components all engineered from the best available materials for the applications for which they were selected. Weighing in at 355 grams each, they deserve custom mountings. We have seen many of these mounted in sturdy reworked A-pillars ensuring the listener receives the very best experience. The midrange speakers are similarly treated to the best design principles and materials. As the speaker that provides the biggest affect on timbre, once again, we tend to see this in customs mountings mounted as close to the tweeters as possible to negate possible phase discrepancies. The 6.5″ woofer completes the set in a similar vein. Perfectly engineered components developed for purpose ensuring absolute integrity with no audible bias in a single or range of frequencies. Dynamic performance is as good as it can be and a frequency reach all the way down to 40 Hz ensuring a perfect transition to subwoofer ranges.

There is not room here for us to offer a comprehensive description of the work, the materials and the technical know-how that went into the development of the Thesis range. But we can use the word “Magnificent” to describe the design and the delivery of the Thesis range. The word is sadly lacking when it comes to describing the sound quality however. Instead we must urge you to have a listen. To our ears, Audison has achieved its goal of providing a set of speakers that you cannot hear! You can however, hear every nuance of an instrument and voice, every page being turned by a member of an orchestra, every breath taken and every foot tapped. Close your eyes and you can forget about the confines of the listening space. The sound delivered is so much bigger, deeper, wider and taller than the interior of the car they are fitted to.

Find your local FOUR MASTER or contact us directly at and we will try to find a demo vehicle for you to listen to.