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Reading’s Professional Car Audio Store. If you are thinking of upgrading your car audio system call in to your local Four Masters.Brands like Audison, Audio Control, Rainbow and Skinz make high-quality components that are designed to last for decades, but that’s only with proper use. If you have your fitting done by anyone but John Kleis Car Hi-Fi, Reading’s best professional car audio store, you’ll have to replace things sooner than you anticipate.

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A lot of current passes through complex circuitry like amps and head units. This current naturally generates heat as a side effect, so your amps are built with heat sinks and other design considerations that cool things down. Of course, their capacity for such behaviour only works within certain limits. If you don’t configure your parts correctly, heat dissipation and other factors can lead to burnouts. In essence, your car’s stereo may work for a while with mismatched components, but eventually it will break.

One other side effect of mismatches is cruddy sound. It doesn’t matter that you’ve spent a bit of money on top of the range speakers from Audison or Hertz. If your amplifier doesn’t produce enough power to drive them, then there’s no way that your headset will do the trick.

Avoid all these issues With Reading’s Most Professional Store by working with your local Four Master Installers, a little bit of assistance for a fitting will make sure everything is working correctly, it won’t loose you the respect of your mates, especially once they hear how good your new professional car audio sounds. Of course, they’ll also be jealous to see how much you save down the line because your balanced system actually lasts.


Finally, it’s worth noting that although many components come as complete units that plug into one another with standard connectors, fine-tuning and custom builds require a more in-depth knowledge of electronics. True, many of the little hacks and DIY solutions that are popular in the world of amateur Hi-Fi tuning and swap meets aren’t bad at all. Serious sound, however, requires a serious work ethic to ensure that everything communicates correctly, so you can plug in your iPod and really make things go bump.

John Kleis Car Hi-Fi is the only car audio store in Reading that can transform your car audio sound into a car worth talking about and ensure it sounds good in the process call in to your local Four Masters for a consultation and have a listen to the products we have on show.