Profile Of A Car Speaker Range

Hertz Cento CPX 165 Pro, 2-way coaxial car speakers.
Hertz Cento CPX 165 Pro

Car speakers come in all shapes and sizes and more importantly for some, prices! It is very easy for consumers to misunderstand speaker pricing and its relationship to performance when attempting to find the perfect pair for their own car. One would like to believe that manufacturers of speakers are honest and use a standard multiplier to get from the cost of developing and producing a pair of speakers to the suggested selling price.

We recently launched the Hertz Cento range of speakers. Previously, we sent a pair of 6″ coaxials (CPX 165 Pro) to Driving Sounds to review (Read review here). During testing, Driving Sounds, expressed a certain reservation about the versatility of the speakers. Once we had guided them toward the fairly specific design brief from Hertz, they tested them using high energy music designed for young ears. In particular the reviewer listened to some Grime tunes recommended by his teenage daughter. Immediately, he rewrote his review. 

Speaker design is full of compromise unless cost is no object. In the case of the Hertz Cento range, they have been designed to be very efficient. this allows them to run directly from a head unit without an external amplifier to deliver a low-cost upgrade. They are particularly aimed at those wishing to get a huge increase in quality over standard speakers particularly when listening to high energy music with an emphasis on bass. A speaker upgrade is only going to take a music lover so far. There are many limitations to standard head units. Cento helps overcome one of the biggest, a lack of power output.

There are many brands of speakers on the market to tempt purchasers. We are always very keen to have our FOUR MASTERS spend some time speaking with customers about listening habits. This helps to build a performance profile which is essential to customer satisfaction.  With the proliferation of unguided online purchases, we come across many disappointed customers who have tried to buy on price when what they really needed to do was buy on performance!

This in itself is not that easy these days so instead, you may like to analyse all of the music you listen to and find where commonalities lie. It may be that you like enhanced bass, maybe high end definition and accuracy are more important to you. If you are a “rocker” you are probably more concerned with the mid range. As always, we would strongly advise a visit to your local FOUR MASTER, perhaps with a bunch of typical tunes from your collection. You will find your FOUR MASTER adviser friendly and patient and they should be able to demonstrate a few different pairs of speakers for you so you know what to expect.