How To Tame Your Car Sounds

Audison bit Play HD

Premium Car Audio manufacturer Audison leads the way when it comes to plug and play upgrades for the discerning music lover on the road.

Its Prima range was conceived and developed to get the very best out of a vehicle’s standard speaker positions. Many of these make no sense at all from a sonic perspective. Tweeters are often installed firing across the dashboard toward each other or nowhere near the ears of the listener, with some cars (even expensive ones) having none at all. High frequencies are particularly directional and therefore are required to set a stereo image as well as adding clarity to a sound. A good pair of speakers and an upgrade in power is a good place to start.

Good Quality Speakers are Essential

Audison has developed a suite of products aimed at curing all of these ills in some specific vehicles. The BMW Mini is one such vehicle. Many Mini owners complain of a confused and bland sound that lacks bass once the vehicle is in motion. The problem is that even when fitted with tweeters, these are of inferior quality and direct all of their energy in a particular direction, which is seldom towards the ears of the listener. Mid frequencies are compressed and lack projection and bass frequencies come from under the seats from a pair of, frankly, embarrassing speakers.

But apart from good speakers, most cars suffer a lack of power. This results in confused middle frequencies that are very difficult to unpick and can lead to a very fatiguing listen. Bass requires fairly rigid and robust speakers and lots of power to drive them. All of these things cost more than a car manufacturer is willing to spend. However, we believe that for the music loving driver, bypassing equally inadequate manufacturer “upgrades” and spending the money instead with a FOUR MASTER is well worth the investment. Particularly when you consider that the vast majority of the equipment can be moved on to your next car.

Prima BMW Mini Tweeter

The Audison Prima BMW tweeters have a wide dispersion characteristic. For a 1″ speaker they are blessed with clear definition and deliver high frequencies with space around them. Along with all other products in the Mini upgrade package, these sit neatly in existing tweeter pods.

Prima BMW Mini Woofer

The Audison Prima BMW Woofer features a V-shaped cone profile that keeps the cone shape even at high excursion. The V- shape also helps with sound dispersion. All passengers in the car benefit from a solid stereo image. A generous surround helps to keep things in shape even at high levels. An extended frequency range allows the under seat woofers to be tuned for low bass which is less directional.

Prima APBMW S-8 Subwoofer

Replacing the plastic and paper BMW under seat speakers is essential as part of the audio upgrade strategy on this car. Audison Prima APBMW S-8 is a beautifully engineered subwoofer in a space specific enclosure. Easy to fit and providing musical deep bass down to 40 Hz. For those who require more bass these are available as 2 ohm drivers almost doubling the resultant output.

Prima 8.9bit Amplifier

A comprehensive 8-channel amplifier, Prima 8.9 bit, ensures that these different speakers are all fed with plenty of power. This keeps distortion at the inputs down to a minimum as the head unit does not need to be turned up to deliver levels required for motorway driving. Furthermore, the 8.9 bit carries an extremely sophisticated signal processor with time alignment available on each channel. The 8.9 is ideal as it allows the speakers to be driven actively which always returns great results and the flexibility to tune the system for a driver’s specific requirements.

The BMW Mini Prima pack is provided with all cables and connectors necessary to facilitate a quick and easy installation. Your local FOUR MASTER will ensure that the system is installed and set up to you preference in a speedy manner.

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