Car Audio Installation from Four Masters

Car Audio Installation from Four Masters. Quality products from Hertz, Audison, Rainbow, Skinz sound deadening and more provide the best in sound quality for your vehicle. All of our staff are qualified in installation of all our car audio products and with a 3 year national warranty on both product and installation. Moving house? Your warranty moves to your new local FOUR MASTER installer.

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Four Masters are the right choice for vehicle owners in search of the best options and superior assistance only the best car audio specialists will be able to provide. Customers who are not sure what they want or need, can come in and have a look at the products on show, our expert installers will guide you through all the different options for your vehicle, if you want a custom made sound system call in and make an appointment we will go through all the different ideas and see which will work best for you and your vehicle.

Speakers are important but they are not all alike, some are geared towards higher pitches while others are made for the low end sounds so making sure you have the correct speakers in the right place is crucial, you need to be sure to place your speakers correctly so that you don’t get any rattles or poor sound quality.

Choosing good wiring for your system is important, Audison connection cables are best all Four Master installations use the first range from connection but if you would like to upgrade more you can speak to one of our specialist installers.

We have some great amplifier’s to match up with your speakers from Hertz, Audison and Rainbow, make sure you match your amplifier’s power level to that of your speakers so that nothing burns out. We’ve got the experience you need to make your car stereo system sound perfect, and we’re more than happy to advise you along the way. We love car audio, and we love helping new enthusiasts feel welcome.  For more information about how you can improve your in car entertainment call us on 0800 652 5125 or book a consultation by calling in at your local Four Masters.Driving sounds logo

Also Everyone who signs up to the driving sounds magazine can collect issue 2 free from your local Four Master or you can buy a copy on line. Also check out our up coming shows and events where you can have a listen to our car audio demonstrations if you like great sounding music.