A Powerful Car Audio System Requires Refinement

6-Channel AudioControl LC 6.1200

Collecting the audio signals we need to build a car hifi system is not necessarily as easy as it once was. Although much can be done by simply grabbing a left and right signal from the head unit, many OEM systems are quite complex. A move among car manufacturers to multi-speaker systems and on board amplifiers has changed the way signals are handled. In many cases, signals will be split by frequency depending on the job to be done. It is not uncommon for an OEM head unit/processor to output sub, low, mid and high frequencies on separate wires. Such signals need to be added back together in order for a proper job to be done by an aftermarket amplifier.

Passive Audio Summing Circuit

Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do was twist all the wires from right hand channels together and do the same with left hand channels? Unfortunately, this will not give a very good result. Instead, the various signals need to be electronically summed in order to preserve phase and level across the audio spectrum. Summing can be achieved using a simple resistive network, however, to maintain signal quality, active summing is by far the better way.

Fortunately, AudioControl know about such things and have products available that take the science out of this issue for us. One such product is the LC 6.1200 amplifier. This can take up to 8 signal inputs and produce three full-range stereo audio paths for amplification, filtering and sending forward to the 6 X 200 Watts (into 2 ohms) outputs.

Gone are the days when customers sought amplifiers with huge power ratings. Perhaps there is better awareness of how audio power works, or maybe power is being represented better by specialist installers. What we do know, is that 200 Watts of highly efficient class D amplification connected to the right speakers with a good quality source is plenty to achieve fantastic hi fi sound in a car.

Driving Sounds Article On Power Rating

Apart from summing, the specialist installer is also presented with the challenge of bass restoration. With many manufacturers using low power, poor quality speakers, we often find that outputs from OEM systems are tweaked to protect from heavy bass impulses at high volume levels. Fortunately, AudioControl has this covered too. Its patented “AccuBass” system literally restores bass signal to correct levels. Although not the most important frequency band for all listeners, life with no bass can be extremely frustrating and leave your favourite music sounding flat and lifeless. Other features for protecting against input overload as well as signal sensing auto turn on give this amplifier a positive advantage over many of its competitors. It is no wonder that AudioControl proudly boasts over 40 years at the forefront of car audio and it shows no signs of letting up!

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