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Back To The Music

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Here at FOUR MASTERS we are dyed-in-the-wool music fans. By this I mean, we all listen to a wide variety of genres, we go to concerts and live shows, we talk about each others music and listen to it and sometimes actually enjoy each others musical choices. That said, we all have different preferences when it comes to the actual noise we consume. Some of us like our bass and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it is not a factor that limits the enjoyment of bass-light genres. Some of us prefer violins to screaming guitars although there is a lot more common ground between these two instruments than you may think. We all like the emotion, nostalgia, excitement that music conveys we all tend also to like to have our favourite artists directly in front of us playing towards our ears rather than behind us playing to the back of our Pinnae!

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For most, good stereo imaging with the listener parked right in the “sweet spot” is the way to go and in fact this is what we advocate. In dark days gone by, when specialists were not so adept at fabricating and trimming, a pair of 6 X 9inch speakers on the back shelf of a car was seen as “de rigueur”. I never really got that. After all, we do not generally attend a live performance and sit with our back to the artist. Furthermore, our ears work much better when sound reaches them from in front. Personally, I never got on with surround sound home cinema systems. For me it was like the rear channel information was not balanced with the front very well and I would often end up with “aural confusion” caused by spurious over powering noises coming from behind me. These cause an instinctive reaction to turn to the source of the noise, leading me to miss a lot of the dialogue and therefore missing the story or at least important bits of it.

Many motor manufacturers have begun to compete with each other on the number of speakers they can squeeze into a car. I was talking with a chap the other day about his car and he told me that it sounded fantastic as there were 17 speakers fitted. I suggested that it may sound even more fantastic if he just had a pair of good quality components and a subwoofer. He was not going to be swayed from his “17 must be better because it is a bigger number than five” mentality so I dropped the subject but I am quite worried that having calmed themselves down a bit about how many watts their systems produce (3000 Watts PMPO – Nice one marketing department!) they are now trying to tell their customers that it is the quantity of speakers that is the most important parameter when choosing the right audio system. This is of course as nonsensical as promoting a car as it has the roundest wheels or the most stitches holding its upholstery together.

I am desperately hoping that one day, we will return to a situation that on purchasing a car, one can decide at point of sale to have installed a proper hi-fi system with a pair of 2-way components fitted into properly sound treated doors and a subwoofer fitted out of sight all powered by good quality amplification. This shouldn’t necessarily add £3000 to the cost of a car and could even be offered for £500.00 and be installed by an expert thus opening up the joy of driving whilst facing your favourite artist to many more music lovers than is currently the case. This will never happen of course as car manufacturers continue to force new cars on us that we don’t particularly need and on which they make little or no profit until, they get you to load it up with grossly over-priced accessories!

If you want great audio in your car, you can achieve this by taking it to a FOUR MASTER and it may sound a lot better and cost a lot less than ticking the upgrade box!

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