Audio Upgrade for Audi TT rescued from VW Golf

Audio Upgrade for Audi TT rescued from VW Golf.

We always love to hear from those who have upgraded their car audio. Your stories really help when trying to convince other music lovers that there is musical enjoyment to be had from a properly installed audio upgrade. These always go well beyond what is served up by motor manufacturers, who often charge a great deal of money for something not much better than standard.

We heard from Ricky Mills last week. A happy customer of FOUR MASTER Accutek near Winchester. Below is his story in his own words.

“I picked up another copy of Driving Sounds magazine whilst at Accutek in Winchester a month back when I was getting my system taken out of my Golf GTI before it went back. I was also discussing options for my new car (Audi TTS) with Stuart.

I thought I would get in touch to see if my experience was something that would be of interest to Driving Sounds Magazine, as it epitomises their message.

Having considered the Bang and Olufsen upgrade and having experienced it on a test drive, despite being one of the better manufacturer upgrades, it was still way under par compared to what was in my Golf at the time.  So I opted to keep my £450 for the B&O upgrade and put that towards paying for Accutek to fit some of my existing kit from my Golf and upgrade some bits.

Bit Ten

Hertz HDP5

Audison AVK5 (to upgrade the woofer to a AV6)

8″ subwoofer (move from a ported box to a sealed box in order to fit in the shallow boot)

Addition of an ES3 Start/Stop module.

The TTS is booked in for May 5th for the kit to be fitted by Accutek and it can’t come soon enough!

The current system is the upgrade from standard to the ‘Audi Sound System’ (because it’s a TTS), but at volume when you’re on the move, it is shockingly bad! Unbelievable for such an otherwise lovely car.”

Driving Sounds Magazine is keen to feature his Audi in the next issue of its excellent publication.

You can find Ricky’s current Top Five Driving Sounds in the April 2017 Driving Sounds Club mail out – Not a member? – Go here to sign up and discover the hidden world of great car audio upgrades.